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Meet the Buyers

Precision marketing is all about knowing your audience. Get to know your future customers. Progressive Railroading magazine reaches top-tier buyers and influencers, including:

  • Director of Equipment Maintenance, BNSF
  • Director of Signals, BNSF
  • Director of Fleet Management, CSX
  • President and CEO, Kansas City Southern
  • Vice President of Mechanical, Norfolk Southern
  • Director of Intermodal, Union Pacific
  • General Director of Track Maintenance, Union Pacific
  • President, Chicago Transit Authority
  • Vice President of Leasing, CIT
  • President, First Union Rail
  • CEO, Freight Car America
  • CEO, The Greenbrier Companies
  • President, HDR Engineering
  • Chairman and CEO, National Steel Car
  • Director, New York Transit Authority

“I read Progressive Railroading to stay on top of what's happening in the industry. I love sharing articles with our partners! ”

Kenyon Corbett - Transport Center

“I read Progressive Railroading because it keeps me up to date on new products and solutions in the industry. ”

Nate Bailey - Senior Trainmaster - Illinois Central Railroad

“I read Progressive Railroading to keep up with the many projects railroad owners and contractors are working on throughout the country. We like to keep up with what is always changing in the railroad industry. Our contractors like to see what others are doing with new technology and safety standards and I believe that Progressive Railroading magazine gives us readers this information. ”

Raul Martinez - Railroad Cooperation and Education Trust "RAILCET"

“News and updates on the industry. ”

Kevin Shuba - CEO - Omnitrax

“It is very current on what is happening in the industry. ”

John Magness - President - Canton Railroad

“It is the most current and up to date publication available. Without it, I would be up a creek. ”

Mike Raposa - Roadmaster - Mission City Northern RR

“PR articles reveal concerning issues of the day that professional railroaders NEED to know and understand. ”

J.C. Garner - Executive Director - Western Maryland Scenic Railway

“A good source to keep connected with the rail industry. ”

Beverly Stephens - Senior manager - BNSF

Railroad decision makers named Progressive Railroading the magazine they find most useful in helping them become aware of new products and services.

* Stats from Rail Industry Readership and Digital Usage Study 2018

Most Useful

Which magazine is most useful for you in your job overall?

PR - 83% RA - 17%

Source of Industry News

Which magazine is a timely source of industry news?

PR - 83% RA - 17%

Selecting Contracting Services

Which magazine is most useful in helping you select contracting services? (Maintenance of Way, Car Repair, Etc.)

PR - 77% RA - 23%

Becoming Aware of New Products or Services

Which magazine helps you become aware of new products or services?

PR - 81% RA - 19%
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