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Software, product providers seek to provide better Big Data solutions for railroads' analytics acumen

When it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, new trends continue to surface regularly in the rail industry.

Why? Because railroads keep searching for new ways to benefit from IoT, or the collection of data from physical objects via different sensors, and from Big Data, or faster and more efficient data storage and processing methods.


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The Most Reliable Air Brake
A microcomputer network-based system that provides faster response for full automatic and independent brake control on freight and passenger locomotives.

The University of Delaware's annual Big Data in Railroad Maintenance Planning conference typically zeros in on the latest trends, and the 2022 iteration held Dec. 14-15 in Newark was no exception. The common theme among 23 presentations and the keynote address was how Big Data/IoT is being used more in rail maintenance planning of late, especially for long-term planning, says Allan Zarembski, the conference's director.

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