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Safety and Maintenance Cost-Reduction are Key to New Technology

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The redesigned RW-1420 railgear has finally arrived. DMF has upgraded key aspects of the Class 7 railgear while staying true to the functions that make it the top selling railgear. The RW-1420-AML standard front and rear functions include side-shift rear, over-center deployment, stub axle insulation and our new Auto-Mechanical Lock system. All functions are designed with the key aspect to reduce the long-term maintenance costs. 

The AML System incorporates a spring-loaded locking mechanism in the front and rear railgear, which secures the gear in the stowed position. For safety redundancy, locking valves are built into each actuating cylinder. For deployment, both front and rear railgear rotate over-center, so no locking pins are required. This design eliminates the maintenance costs associated to locking pin failure and wallowed out pin holes on the arms and links.  

Stub axle insulation is nothing new to the industry. We have finally designed into all of our railgear offerings. The design removes the insulation out of the wheel bearing case where there is high wear potential. The insulation is not installed in the axle housing and is designed to last the life of the railgear. This eliminates the maintenance cost associated with insulated wheels.  

As we move forward, DMF will strive to design our products with the focus on the two major factors that drive our industry: safety and cost. Eradicating the potential for any injury is priority #1. The AML System addresses and eliminates the need for climbing under the chassis where accidents could occur. In addition, we have reduced maintenance costs dramatically providing substantial savings for your company. 

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