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Social media is a full time job. Dedicating a few hours a day to social media won't move the needle. But where and how do you start prospecting on LinkedIn? Our social media product is available exclusively through this solution! You won't find our social media packages anywhere else.

You get the most efficient and cost effective visibility to this audience. Here's how it works. With the Visibility Builder Package, across a two month span, your company appears in 2 eNewsletter ads per month, generates 5,000 LinkedIn impressions per month, appears on 22% of pages per month. The Industry Leader Package delivers even more impressions and appears on more pages.

Being social has its benefits. With our Social Media & Digital Strategic Solutions packages, being social connects you with rail executives.

2 Month Sponsorship

2 Month
Visibility Builder
Industry Leader
Daily News Integrated Inline Ads
LinkedIn Impressions
20,000 Impressions
(22% of pages)
(40% of pages)


Get the total number of impressions from LinkedIn and as well as the standard Daily News reporting on a monthly basis.

Branded Features

Branded features appear in the feed alongside trusted and topical content from Progressive Railroading. Get your message in front of industry decision makers in this highly visible way.

Archived for one year and free from other advertisements, Branded Features are searchable. They may contain multiple images and/or video treatments, and are promoted via:

  •'s Home Page - View Sample (Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period.)
  • News Landing Page - View Sample (Rotates in that position with all the branded features running during that time period)
  • Daily News eNewsletters runs 4 times - View Sample (45,000 circ per blast)
  • Branded Feature Page - View Sample
  • Archive Page - View Sample (archived on for 1 year on the Branded Feature Landing page)


E-mail materials to Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a ad and indicate your company name.

Featured Product/Service of the Week

Integrated Campaign Discount
Product of the Week

Your prospect database just got a lot larger! Looking to get your product noticed by thousands in the industry? The Daily News eNewsletter promotes your product to 45,000+ recipients, 5 times in a week, for a total of 225,000 sends.

Benefits of Featured Product/Service of the Week

  • Your Featured Product/Service runs on the Daily News, the industry's preferred eNewsletter, every day for a full business week
  • You'll drive traffic to your website and product posting on, giving you even more visibility for your investment
  • Featured Product/Service will be listed on the website products landing page
  • Submission

    E-mail materials to Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a PR Product/Service of the Week ad and indicate your company name.

Lead Gen eBooks

For one
For both

An easy way for you to align yourself with high-quality content and identify targeted leads with email addresses.

Our pre-written eBooks educate on the issues and solutions rail professionals are currently researching. eBooks align your company as a thought leader and solution provider without all the time and expense of generating your own customized, high quality piece that speaks to this audience.

We promote eBooks throughout our website and our eNewsletters for a month's time; this ensures your brand is seen by thousands of potential customers in the rail industry.

All eBook programs include:

  • Your logo on the eBook cover;
  • Your ad in the eBook;
  • Promotional eBook ad which runs in the PR Daily News eNewsletter 4 times;
  • A lead gen ad on which runs for one month;
  • Your logo on the eBook download landing page which we develop and host;
  • A lead report which includes email addresses for those who fill out the form and download the book.

eBooks only have one sponsor, make sure you don't miss out.

2020 eBook Schedule

eBook Release
MOW Spending Report: Freight
May     SOLD
MOW Spending Report: Transit
May     SOLD
C&S Spending Snapshot
June     SOLD
Fleet Stats
August     SOLD
Rail Safety Products
August     SOLD
Rising Stars
October     SOLD
Passenger Rail at a Glance
November    SOLD
RailTrends Recap
December     SOLD
2021 Outlook: Class I CEOs
December     SOLD
2021 Outlook: Transit
December     SOLD
2021 Outlook: Contractors
December     SOLD

Virtual Edition Sponsorship

Virtual Edition Sponsorship
View Sample View Sample

The Virtual Edition of Progressive Railroading is a fully interactive copy of the print magazine. Virtual Edition sponsorship consists of a full-page ad placed across from the front cover, an exclusive top-of-page banner visible on every page, as well as sponsor recognition once a week for four consecutive weeks in our popular Daily News eNewsletter*.

1. Full-page ad placed adjacent to the front cover on desktop and tablet devices
2. Exclusive top-of-page banner, visible on every page on desktop and tablet devices
3. Promotion four times to over 45,000 in the daily eNews

*The promotion in the Daily News will begin approximately one week after the print version is published.


180,000 recipients

Note: Virtual edition ads do not appear on mobile phones

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