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The Funding you want. The Technology You Need. Government Funding Informational Webinar. Event Date: July 13, 2023. Event Time: 1-1:45PM EST. Register Now. Cummins / For A World That's Always On
Cummins is a global leader and innovator in the future of commercial mobility.
Working with us, you can leverage our knowledge and expertise to understand what opportunities exist to transition your equipment and fleets and unlock the government funding you need.
Billions of dollars in grant funding exists to transition your locomotive and equipment fleets, but how do you secure it?
Who is eligible and what technology is included?
How and when does the grant open?
These are just a few questions we will answer during our 45‍-‍minute webinar on July 13th.
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If you are interested in additional information sooner,
please email at FundingSupport@Cummins.com
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