Social Media & Digital Strategic Solutions

Where and how do you start prospecting on LinkedIn? Our Social Media & Digital Strategic Solutions packages connect you with rail executives on this popular social networking site. Our social media product is available exclusively through this solution! You won't find our social media packages anywhere else.

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Daily News InLine Ads
LinkedIn Impressions

Packages can run over one or two months (based on available inventory).


Image: 1200x628
Animation: No
Company Name: 30 characters max*
Headline: 60 characters max*
Description: 90 characters max*
URL: Include the URL to which you would like the ad linked.
Call to Action (Choose): Apply, Download, View Quote, Learn More, Sign Up, Subscribe, Register, Join, Attend, Request Demo

Daily News InLine Ad

Image: 175 x100
File size: 30K
Animation: No
Company Name: 30 characters max*
Headline: 60 characters max*
Description: 130 characters max*
Call to Action: 20 characters max*
URL: Include the URL to which you would like the ad linked.


Get the total number of impressions from LinkedIn as well as the standard Daily News reporting on a monthly basis.

Featured Product/Service of the Week

Benefits of Featured Product/Service of the Week

  • Your Featured Product/Service runs on the Daily News, the industry's preferred eNewsletter, every day for a full business week
  • You'll drive traffic to your website and product posting on, giving you even more visibility for your investment
  • Featured Product/Service will be listed on the website products landing page

Materials Required

Headline: 50 characters max (must identify product)
Product Description: 2,000 characters max (includes spaces)
Photo: 400 x 600 pixels max, 72 dpi
URL: Provide landing page URL


E-mail materials to Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a PR Product/Service of the Week ad and indicate your company name.

Lead Generating eBooks

Our pre-written eBooks educate on the issues and solutions rail professionals are currently researching. eBooks align your company as a thought leader and solution provider without all the time and expense of generating your own customized, high quality piece that speaks to this audience. eBooks only have one sponsor, don't miss out!

All eBook programs include:

  • Your logo on the eBook cover;
  • Your ad in the eBook;
  • Promotional eBook ad which runs in the PR Daily News eNewsletter 4 times;
  • A lead gen ad on which runs for one month;
  • Your logo on the eBook download landing page which we develop and host;
  • A lead report which includes email addresses for those who fill out the form and download the book.

eBook Specs

Company Name as it should appear in text
Logo: eps format

If Desired:
Ad for eBook: 1024 pixels wide and 768 pixels high
Destination url for ad to link to

2021 eBook Schedule

Product Showcase eBooks

Introduce a new product or educate buyers about how your solution benefits them with a Product Showcase eBook. For marketers seeking new ways to promote their products during these stressful times, these eBooks are a no brainer. It can't miss!

You receive two full pages in the eBook: an image or video on the left and your verbiage on the right. These eBooks receive so much visibility & promotion that rail executives will definitely know about your innovative product.


  • Four runs in the Daily News eNewsletter
  • Posts on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • A dedicated email sent to 45k+ rail executives
  • Two months exposure on

Product Showcase eBooks can also include a link to your landing page so you can further inform interested readers, offer a demo or set-up a meeting.

Progressive Railroading's Product Showcase eBook

Space deadline: 8/17
Ad materials due: 8/24
Promotional period: 9/7/21 - 10/29/21

ASLRRA Product Showcase eBook

Space deadline: 10/11
Ad materials due: 10/18
Promotional period: 11/1/21 - 12/23/21

Special Upgrade Opportunity

We can embed your YouTube video in our eBook and extend the reach of a video you've created. Ask your sales person for more information about this upgrade.


Report on the amplification program for the eBook, including views (opens/impressions) and downloads. We are not able to report on views of the individual product pages

Mechanical Specs

Logo: 300px x 150px. A larger image can be resized smaller to fit. But, do not submit an image with a height smaller than 100px, as enlarging an image can make it appear pixelated. (jpg, png, eps, svg, tif)

Company Name: as it should appear in the ad

Call To Action: Max 30 characters, including spaces and special characters/punctuation

Product Name or Headline: Max 42 characters, including spaces and special characters/punctuation

Product Copy: Max 850 characters, including spaces and special characters/punctuation

Link URL: Please submit full url, including the
"http://" or "https://"

Contact Name (optional)

Title (optional)

Email (optional)

Image*: Space allotted is 750px x 750px. If an image is smaller than this it will float in the space. Multiple images can be used to fill space. (jpg, png, eps, svg, tif)
*Images not needed if you have upgraded to an embedded video.

Optional Upgrade Embedded Video
This upgrade embeds your video in place of the image graphics

Video: YouTube video URL

Request for Proposals

Double-exposure online advertising opportunity.

This high-impact opportunity gives your RFP visibility on both the popular Daily News eNewsletter and

Your message is promoted in our Daily News eNewsletter, that is sent to over 45,000 subscribers. In addition, your RFP runs in the feed on the news page and the home page on for one month.

Materials Required

Landing Page Headline (100 character max) to appear on the Daily eNews/ home page.

RFP description and details (for landing page). Please send word or text document with the information exactly as it should appear. No text limit. Note: If this text contains any photos or links they must be hosted on your site and have full paths to the images or links.


E-mail materials to
Be sure to indicate in the email the materials are for a ad and indicate your company name.

Progressive Railroading's Demo Week

Register Now

The big rail show in September was cancelled. Travel is still restricted. But that doesn't mean you can press pause on your marketing plans. Now what? You still need to be in front of your customers. You still need to reach your prospects and you still need to hit your numbers. So, how are you going to do it?

Progressive Railroading's first annual Demo Week that's how!

We're scheduling 15 top companies in the industry who will have the opportunity to engage with and demonstrate their products/services to Progressive Railroading's subscriber base, the industry's largest. Each day will have a specific topic to ensure all attendees want to hear the features and benefits of your product!

Don't be left scrambling for leads in 2021. Book your Demo Week DemoCast today.

Short of showing people your products/services in person, in your booth, on a show floor, our DemoCast is the best way to show interested buyers how your products can help them. DemoCasts are live, 15-minute product/service demonstration webcasts. After your live event, you receive the full registrant and attendee list, including emails.


  • Option to show a pre-recorded demo video
  • Five-minute Q&A with attendees
  • Archived on for six months
  • Reporting: Full registrant and attendee list (includes emails)

DemoWeek will be heavily promoted to rail professionals

We expect DemoWeek to be a popular event with our subscribers. Event promotion will begin in July and run up to the event. It will be promoted via our popular Daily News eNewsletter and website as well as dedicated emails to drive maximum registration and attendee interest. There will be a landing page for DemoWeek with descriptions of the presentations each day and participating companies. When registering for DemoWeek, attendees will be able to select the day or days they want to attend.

Round 1 Materials:
  • Product to be Demoed
  • Presenting Company (as you want it to appear)
  • DemoCast Title
  • Presentation Summary
  • → Your summary must begin with:

    • This demo will show...
    • And should describe what railroad professionals will see in the demonstration.

    → Effective summaries answer these 3 questions:

    • What the audience will see and learn in the demo
    • Why this demo is important for rail professionals
    • Benefits and features that will be shown during the demo
  • Presenter Name, Title & Photo
  • Company Logo & URL
Round 2 Materials:
  • DemoCast Slides
  • Presenter Phone Number & Email

Demo Week Dates

Monday, September 13 – Friday, September 17


  • Monday (9/13): Innovative Products/Services
  • Tuesday (9/14): Technology Products/Services
  • Wednesday (9/15): MOW Products/Services
  • Thursday (9/16): New Products/Services
  • Friday (9/17): Innovative Products/Services (Day 2)

One DemoCast each day. Each DemoCast features three presenting companies.

Promotional Products

  • DemoCast
  • Product Showcase-Print
  • Product Showcase-eBook
  • Product Express Email

The more you buy, the more you save! We can customize your Demo Week solution to fit your needs!

Demo Week Sponsors

Sponsorships of daily prizes will be awarded to Attendees of the DemoCasts.

  • Prizes:
  • One (1) $100 Amazon Gift Card* each of five (5) days
    *Prize eligibility: Must have attended for a minimum of 20 minutes.
    (DemoCast presenters and attendees from their companies are not eligible.)

  • Prize Drawing:
  • At the conclusion of each daily Demo Week event, an attendee of that day's event* will be randomly selected to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. The prize drawing will be posted daily on
    *Eligibility requirements apply.

  • Sponsor Benefits:
    • Logo and short sponsor message on the waiting room slide for the day they're sponsoring.
    • Sponsor mentioned at the beginning of event for the day they're sponsoring.
    • Logo on landing page for event.
    • Logo on email blasts marketing the event.
    • Logo will appear on PR Daily News eNewsletter with prize drawing for that day.
    • Sponsor recognized in giveaway winner announcement on