Partnership Webcast

Partnering with Progressive Railroading positions your company as an education and solutions provider

Benefits of Webcasts
  • Branded content that points users right to your website in an attendance-building email campaign
  • Strong, intentional promotion of webcast to drive registration
  • Constant on-screen branding appearing throughout your webcast
  • Exclusive database of registrants and attendees, including email addresses, name, title, and company
  • 12 months of increased exposure of webcast and brand on ProgressiveRailroading.com
  • Market data from a single-answer, multiple-choice question on the registration page

Mechanical Specifications/Materials Needed

  • Logo: 300 x 300 pixels (min size) 72 dpi or higher. File type: pdf or eps preferred (will also take gif or jpg)
  • URL: Provide landing page URL
  • Email contact: for leads
  • Registration Question: One question with up to 4 single choice responses


This "webcast-light" is an economical, highly customized event: truly the perfect entry-level webcast sponsorship opportunity.

As a sponsor, you get:
  • Sole-sponsored, custom content, with available assistance to ensure success
  • Choice of speaker or presenter
  • A full 30-minute, fast-paced broadcast
  • Branded promotional emails during the two weeks before the webcast
  • Optional promotion to your prospect list
  • Constant on-screen branding appears throughout your webcast
  • Exclusive database of registrants and attendees, including email addresses, name, title, and company

Materials Needed

  • Logo and URL
  • FastCast title
  • FastCast summary with learning objectives
  • Presenter name, photo and bio
  • Presenter contact information
  • Image for promotion (product image or promotional image)
  • Powerpoint presentation slides (The industry average is roughly 1 minute per slide, and FastCast are capped at 30 minutes)


Short of showing people your products in person, in your booth, on a show floor, our DemoCast is the best way to show interested buyers how your products can help them. DemoCasts are live, 15-minute product demonstration webcasts. After your live event, you receive the full registrant and attendee list, including emails.

DemoCasts are heavily promoted to rail professionals. Your company is promoted in:
  • Four Daily News eNewsletters
  • Three days on ProgressiveRailroading.com
  • Two email blasts (13,000 recipients/blast)
  • You also receive logo recognition on marketing promotions and two day-of reminder emails to registrants.
  • Option to show a pre-recorded demo video
  • Five-minute Q&A with attendees
  • Archived on ProgressiveRailroading.com for six months
  • Reporting: Full registrant and attendee list (includes emails)

Round 1 Materials (3 weeks before live date):

  • Product to be Demoed
  • Presenting Company (as you want it to appear)
  • DemoCast Title
  • Presentation Summary
    → Your summary must begin with:
    • This demo will show…
    • And should describe what railroad professionals will see in the demonstration.
    → Effective summaries answer these 3 questions.
    • What the audience will see and learn in the demo
    • Why this demo is important for facility managers
    • Benefits and features that will be shown during the demo
  • Presenter Name, Title & Photo
  • Company Logo & URL

Round 2 Materials (1 week before live date):

  • DemoCast Slides
  • Presenter Phone Number & Email

  • View Democast Samples